Wrapping things up for the night here at Youmacon, Detroit's biggest anime convention. Good gravy there's so many people here! Lots of folks have been coming by to try out the demo, and it's always gratifying to see so many folks enjoying it!

I've been telling visitors at the show about this, but I think it's a good time to do a public announcement, too. I've been spending my free time in the last couple weeks to remaster Episode Zero into RPG Maker MV! Originally built in RPG Maker VX Ace, Episode Zero is a bit...dated now in terms of both gameplay functions and engine performance. Utilizing some scripts written by the RM community, I was able to port Episode Zero into MV (in fact this was what allowed me to get Episode One underway with minimal interruption since all the database components transferred over without a hiccup!), and really the bulk of the work I have to do is updating the various plug-in commands, with some occasional other cleanup.

Unfortunately, I wasn't quite able to get the remaster finished in time for Youmacon. Montblanc is 95% done, which just leaves the wilderness and cave maps. The whole process has been going quickly, it's mostly been a matter of finding time (yay life). I SHOULD be done by next weekend, however.

If you already own Episode Zero, you'll be able to download the update for free! If you're just joining after Youmacon with one of the promo codes, it's also free! I hope everyone enjoys the improved experience!

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